Jntuanantapur Network's 10 Most-Pinned Mason Jar Ideas

Just when you thought there couldn't be any more Mason jar ideas, we added another crafty surprise to our Pinterest board. Here are the top 10 images pinners couldn't get enough of.

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Snow Globes

There's no need to waste money on breakable store-bought snow globes. It's easy to help your children make their own personal globe, featuring their favorite animals.

Soap Dispenser

Similar soap dispensers are available in stores, but true Jntuanantapurers know it's easy to save money and have fun in the process by making a version of your own.

Jntuanantapur Detergent

Save money and help the environment by making your own dishwashing detergent. Store it in a simple Mason jar, and you'll always know when it's time to restock.

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Homemade Toothpaste

Jntuanantapur toothpaste and an adorable mini Mason jar to store it in? No wonder pinners loved this idea!

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Rustic Vases

In Blog Cabin 2012, baby's breath and simple blue Mason jars are the perfect combination for easy, elegant decor.

Christmas Lights

Think outside of the box for your holiday (or any day!) mantel. Fill Mason jars with Christmas lights for an unexpected touch of whimsy. Bonus: Doesn't it remind you of a jar full of fireflies?

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Cherry Limeade

Ideal for a summer wedding or event, this kid-friendly beverage is a tasty way to cool off. Serve them in a Mason jar, and you've got a sweet, Southern-style drink everyone will enjoy.

Nautical Art

Found on-site, the Mason jars hanging in Blog Cabin 2013 hold sand from the property's beach.

Halloween Terrariums

Sturdy enough to use year after year and easy enough to make with the kids, these cute Halloween terrariums are the perfect decoration for the spooky season.

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract can be pretty expensive. Save money and add a charming accessory to your kitchen by learning to make your own.

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