The Best Cat Condos, Beds and Shelves

Living with a feline doesn't have to cramp your design style. Check out some new lines of cat furniture that are practical and stylish — and can coordinate with your home decor.
By: Michele C Hollow

Photo By: david capron

A Cat's Twist on a Man Cave

Designed for the modern cat, this cave-shaped pod from lets cats look out on their world from a safe enclosed perch. The soft interior is cozy and inviting. Inside, cats may be dreaming of being on a mountaintop.

A Bit Bohemian

is a one-of-a-kind Moroccan-inspired cat bed made from upcycled denim and wool sweaters. Designed exclusively for Moderncat Studio, each Purrocco cat bed comes with a coordinating catnip-filled toy stowed in the side pocket.

Hide and Seek

Cats love hiding places, and this pet ottoman from lets you put your feet up and allows your cat to stretch out — so the both of you can unwind. The surface, made of polyurethane, is easy to wipe clean.

Cats on a Trapeze

They don't fly through the air, but cats love the large soft cushions that they can nap on. Perfect for kittens and active cats, the is the perfect place to play and rest. It's available in a two- and three-pillow version.


The new Basics Bucket cat bed by designer Barb Joyce for is the perfect luxury napping spot for kitties of all shapes and sizes. Each bucket measures a generous 20 inches in diameter and 8 inches tall. The fabric cover is removable for machine washing. It comes in an assortment of patterns.

Scratching Allowed

In addition to providing cats with a cozy place to sleep, the 's outer surface is designed for scratching. Available in three colors, SkratchKabin comes with a machine-washable cushion and a sisal mouse for added fun.

The Sunny Side of Life

Short on space? The attaches to most windows and can hold up to 50 pounds with the support of industrial-strength suction cups. Cats love sunning themselves in the window, so this is a purrfect spot to enjoy the view of the great outdoors.

In and Out

If cats could talk, they would tell us "the higher the better." Just place a few steps leading up to the highest point and it's guaranteed that the cat will access it. To make it more fun for the cats, add these wonderful boxes. Courtesy of the

A Cat's-Eye View

This elegant wall-mounted cat tree from comes in a set of two pieces — one with an opening for a cat to explore and another that is closed off, so the cat cannot enter. This is a great place for small plants or books. Cats can rest on the top of this box.

On the Up and Up

Cats love to climb, whether it's up on a shelf or on a staircase. These shelves and staircases are out of the way, so they take up little space, and when cats lounge above, they become part of the decor. Courtesy of the

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