Container and Small-Space Gardening

Just because you have a small yard, or no yard, doesn't mean you can't have a garden. Find clever ideas for creating gardens in urban or small spaces.

Photo By: GAP Photos

Photo By: J S Sira

Photo By: Jamie Rector

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Galvanized Buckets

Scented plants add an element of nostalgia to a garden patio filled with containers of various sizes.

Go Tall

Cover a wall or create a barrier with a tiered planter.

Stair Garden

A double staircase is built into a steep hillside: one set of stairs is for people and pets, the other side is for herbs and plants.

No Ho-Hum Drum

A metal drum makes a sturdy home for this pretty Japanese maple.

Basket Garden

A small space doesn't mean you can't have a fruitful (or veggie-ful) garden.

Variety of Vessels

A mixture of flowerpots, planter boxes and old cookware makes for an interesting container garden.

Add Personality to a Plain Wall

Line a plain wall with flowerpots of different heights and sizes. Use a trellis to add even more height.

Vertical Garden

A gravel pathway is walled off with pockets full of herbs.

Clean Lines

To add texture and color, frame a driveway or sidewalk with matching planters filled with spiky greens.

Patio Accessories

A small sitting area is given interest with a variety of trees and annuals all handsomely potted.

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