Make Large Outdoor Planter Boxes From Patio Pavers

Terra cotta and ceramic planters can be pricey, learn how to make colorful container gardens using inexpensive concrete pavers.

Modern Paver Planters 01:12

Tools and Materials:

- 5 square concrete patio pavers (all the same size)
- tube of construction adhesive
- latex paint and primer

Determine your layout. Of course you'll want to choose the better looking sides of the pavers to face out. 

If necessary, clean the pavers, especially the areas where you'll be applying the adhesive. 

When gluing the four sides together, do it with the bottom of the planter facing up, this way you don't have to flip it over when adding the bottom paver.

Apply a line of adhesive on the paver edges that will connect to one another. Hold each piece together for a few minutes to give the adhesive a chance to set. 

When all four sides are together, add the bottom. Don’t apply a single line of adhesive, instead dab on dots of adhesive. This way water will be able drain out in the spaces in between the adhesive dots. 

Paint or decorate the planter how you’d like. We painted our planters in stripes and polka dots. Use a high-quality acrylic latex primer then finish with acrylic latex paint. 

Fill with dirt and plants, or place a potted plant in your new planter. 

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