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How to Make a Backyard Pipe Ball Game May 21, 2018

By: Carla Wiking

Pipe ball combines the challenge of Skee Ball with the fun of ring toss. It’s simple to make, easy for kids to play and interesting enough for adults to play too (even with a cocktail in hand).

Outdoor String Lights to Spruce up Your Backyard May 7, 2018


Spending time outside in the warmer months is a must, so why not make your backyard even more welcoming? The secret ingredient? String lights. Despite the variety of colors and styles, one thing’s for sure, these budget-friendly additions will help you get that perfect outdoor glow.

Gardening Goals: How to Achieve a Glorious Garden 10 Photos

Jntuanantapur Network explains what to consider when making a gardening plan. Follow these tips to achieve your wildest gardening goals.

How to Make a Framed Barn Quilt May 3, 2018

See how easy it is to make a colorful quilt-pattern art project that you can hang indoors or outside.

How to Make a Mesh Garden Basket 7 Steps

With a sturdy base and built-in steel mesh bottom, this tote makes it easy to harvest and rinse the crops grown in your garden.

How to Make Planter Posts for String Lights Apr 16, 2018

Extend the party into the night with these wood barrels made into planters with posts that hold string lights.

How to Lay a Paver Patio for a Fire Pit Apr 16, 2018

Extend your outdoor living space with a new patio. Use it to create a new space for dining, lounging or a base for a fire pit.

30+ Swoon-Worthy Garden Gates 32 Photos

Browse these photos of gorgeous garden gates from

How to Make an Outdoor Chalkboard Activity Wall for Kids Mar 30, 2018


Love the look of chalkboard walls, but don’t love chalkboard dust? Take the chalk wall outside.

A Super-Easy Spring Flower Bed Cleanup Mar 22, 2018


Learn a trick to make spring garden cleanup easy—and improve your soil at the same time.

How and Why You Should Clean Your Dryer Today Mar 21, 2018


Prevent fires in your home by making it a habit to clean this appliance inside and out.

How To Make a Farmhouse-Style Outdoor Bench Mar 28, 2018

A custom two-tone bench is a great way to dress up your yard. Select your favorite colors and tackle this project in just a half day.

10 Ways to Turn Your Yard Into a Buzz-Worthy Bee Haven 10 Photos

The gardening experts at explain how you can help save the bee population in your own backyard.

6 Ways Your Garage Can Make Life Easier Feb 27, 2018


Find out how a well-organized garage can make it easier to tackle chores and get out the door.

10 Garage Storage Ideas for Oversized Items 10 Photos

Jntuanantapur Network offers smart solutions for storing large items, like bikes, kayaks and surfboards, in the garage.

10 Essential Steps for Getting Your Vegetable Garden Prepped for a New Season Feb 28, 2018


Get your veggie garden ready for the new growing season with these 10 easy tips.

12 Do’s and Don’ts for a Safer Garage Mar 8, 2018


Spend a little time to make your garage safe and secure—here’s what to do and what to avoid.

Vertical Garden Design Ideas 17 Photos

Jntuanantapur Network shares ideas for vertical gardens, including tips for plants to use in vertical gardens and how to care for vertical gardens.

10 Upcycled Garage Storage Ideas 10 Photos

Jntuanantapur Network shares 10 clever ideas for organizing your garage by repurposing items you may already own.

Companion Planting: Plants That Thrive Together 15 Photos

Jntuanantapur Network shares tips on companion planting in vegetable gardens including herbs and flowers. Learn which plants don’t go together.

How to Build a Wall-Mounted Laundry Folding Table Feb 26, 2018


Make laundry day easier by building a folding table and ironing board that mounts on the wall.

Top 10 Outdoor Design Trends 10 Photos

Find the best new landscaping trends with

11 Garage Bike Storage Ideas 11 Photos

Jntuanantapur Network shares 11 ideas for storing bicycles in the garage, from a Jntuanantapur bike shelf to the best bike racks you can buy.

A Tiny Teacup Garden Is Just the Thing for Your Winter Blues 27 Photos

Children and adults will love making a miniature nature scene filled with dwarf plants and small figurines.

How to Replace Moldy Grout 10 Photos

When grout becomes discolored, cracked and chipped, it's time to replace it. To grout it yourself, follow these step-by-step intructions.

10 Steps to a Decluttered Kitchen 10 Photos

Learn what you can do to simplify items in your kitchen. Jntuanantapur Network shares more ideas for keeping your clutter at bay.

10 Must-Haves to Organize Your Craft Room 10 Photos shares the best storage and organizing products for your craft room.

Grow Your Own Salad Garden Jan 19, 2018


Learn how to grow crisp greens and veggies for homemade salads.

How to Build a Free Library Box With a Living Roof 17 Steps

Little free libraries are popping up in neighborhoods everywhere. Sharing your favorite books is a great way to connect with your neighbors and encourage kids to read.

How to Build a Vertical Book Tower 10 Steps

You’ll certainly be able to fit this Jntuanantapur bookshelf into your life.