Matt Muenster's Top 12 Splurges To Put in a Bathroom Remodel

Matt Muenster, licensed contractor and host of Jntuanantapur Network's Bath Crashers and Bathtastic!, shares his list of worth-the-money splurges.

Photo By: Vanessa DeLeon

Photo By: Goodshoot

Photo By: HGTV fan closequarters

Photo By: HGTV fan monicakm

Photo By: Daniel Haller

Cable TV

Televisions aren't just for living rooms anymore. A flat-screen TV can fit perfectly above a bathtub for an ultra-relaxing experience. Design by Vanessa DeLeon.

Stereo System

Bring music into the bathroom with a built-in stereo system and in-ceiling speakers.

Towel-Rack Warmer

There's nothing cozier than wrapping up in a toasty warm towel.

In-Floor Radiant Heat

Say goodbye to cold feet. Step out of the shower and onto a warm floor with heated tile.

In-Shower Storage System

Recessed storage shelves are practical and attractive because they keep toiletries off the bathtub ledges. Photo by contributor closequarters.

Remote-Control Bidet

Let the remote control do all the work, with several options and customizations to choose from, life has never been so easy. Photo by contributor monicakm.

Toilet-Seat Warmer

There's nothing appealing about cold porcelain. A toilet-seat warmer is a must-have in modern-day bathrooms.

News/Stock/Weather Ticker

Yes, this is for the bathroom. Stay updated, even in the bathroom, with the latest news, stock and weather.

Hot Shaving Cream Dispenser

Get that barber shop feel with a hot shaving cream dispenser.

Magnifying Mirror

Make things even easier by splurging on a magnifying mirror. Apply makeup with more accuracy or just get a close look. Design by Dave Stimmel.

Defogging Mirror

Put away the hairdryer and walk out of the shower to a fog-free bathroom mirror.

Argon-Charged Windows for Privacy

You can have that open-window feel without putting your privacy at stake with argon-charged windows.

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