19 Kitchen Cabinet Storage Systems

From high-tech to low-tech, and for rooms small to large, these kitchen storage ideas will keep you organized, stylishly.


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Pretty, Practical

Island wine storage has never looked fresher! Bonus: There's no bending to grab a bottle. Design by and

From Small to Smart

Designer Brian Patrick Flynn put built-in storage at the fore with this Brooklyn kitchen remodel. , then click through the next four photos for close-ups of this tiny-but-mighty space.

Dishes Squared Away

Don't just stack dishes — hang them. Not only does it cut down on perilous piles of china, it also doubles your storage.

It's Okay to Wine a Little

In this kitchen, Brian took turned the vertical space next to the fridge into a custom wine rack. (P.S. Go back to the full kitchen shot to see how beautifully this integrates into the room.)

Easy-Access Pot Lids

That mess of pot lids at the bottom of a cabinet is the most frustrating thing EVER. The remedy? In-drawer lid racks. Now, you can group them by size, by material, by whatever tactic strikes your fancy.

Countertop De-Clutterer

Hanging paper towels on a cabinet door makes them easy to access and gets them off the counter. This style's simple installation doesn't even require tools. See more photos of this — we think you'll love it as much as we do.

Wrangle Kids' Toys

Kids love playing in the kitchen while you work, but post-meal clean-up is enough of a drag without adding toys to the mix. Look for clever options like the one in this . The kid-height, slide-out shelves collect everything from crayons to tots' pots and pans.

Style Within Reach

Overhead cabinets seem like a dream — until you have to pull out a step-stool every time you want the box of oatmeal. Solve that problem with an integrated pull-down shelf, which brings hard-to-reach items to you. Tip: Look for versions with assisted lowering/lifting mechanisms that lock into place in the down position.

Low-Tech and Loving It

Sometimes simpler is better. In this case, dishes become part of the decor in a distressed-wood dish rack. But they're also close enough to make storage and use a delight.

Toe-Kick Drawers

Stop wasting space at the bottom of the cabinets; instead, install a drawer that looks like a toe-kick. Perfect for cookie sheets, cooling racks and silicone baking mats. Bonus: 10 Clever Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

The Zen of Shelving

Simple, wooden shelves give this modern kitchen an artisanal feel. Design by

A Home for Oversized Platters

Ugh! What do you do with those oversized serving dishes you only use at the holidays? Hide them in a dual-door cabinet. Access is so easy; you might start using them for Tuesday-night dinner.

Swing-Out Shelves

Organize cooking essentials, from hard-to-fit condiment bottles to graters, in a swing-out cabinet. Spices fit perfectly in the doors. Bonus: Pantry Organization Made Easy

Rolling Bookshelf

I don't know about you, but I love collecting cookbooks. The question is: Where do you store them? You want them to be easy to find, but also out of the way. Try a rolling island with on-the-side shelves — especially good for small kitchens. Design by

Pull-Out Pantry

If you don't have a separate room for a larder, convert your cabinets into a built-in pantry. Choose a custom version like the one shown here to blend in with your cabinetry.

Basket Hold-Alls

Root veggies and certain fruits like to have room to breathe, so store them in open-air baskets built right into your island. Design by

See-Through Wire Baskets

For extreme durability, try another take on baskets — wire instead of wicker. The see-through racks also mean that you no longer have to dig for that bag of kettle corn.

Small Kitchen? No Problem

In a small kitchen, you gotta use every inch of space. As you choose your pull-outs, consider not just food storage, but dish storage. This option offers wire racks that make retrieving tableware a snap.

Location, Location, Location

Situating a built-in dish armoire between the dishwasher and the eating area takes the effort out setting the table. This green cabinet, in a sea of rich browns, also gives the Arts-and-Crafts kitchen color and warmth. Learn more about . Design by

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