Automotive Workshop: Blasting Cabinets

If a full-scale automotive restoration is in your future, check out the various types of blasting cabinets to incorporate into the workshop layout.

Those who want an automotive workshop for restoration purposes will likely want to include a blasting cabinet, which is designed for removing paint or rust on any part of a vehicle.

Blasting cabinets range from small tabletop units to larger units that can accommodate an entire hood or car door. These cabinets are not only sealed, but also equipped with a vacuum function to keep dust particles from being released into the air.

Depending on the type of removal to be done, one of three different materials will be used in the blasting cabinet:

  • Aluminum oxide is used for removing paint from metal components that will be repainted, since it removes all surface material and reveals the bare metal.
  • Glass beads are used on aluminum components that need to be cleaned up but not necessarily repainted; the beads seal the surface and create a nice satin finish.
  • Plastic powder is used to remove old paint from Fiberglass components, but is gentle enough to prevent damaging the gel-coat base of the material.

Note: Though it may seem like blasting cabinets require a substantial amount of material and power, they're actually quite efficient: most can be operated from a 110 outlet and the blast material itself is constantly being reused and is ultimately recycled many times.

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