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Jeremy Sham and his team at Flux Design may look a little rough around the edges, but they infuse every renovation project with artistry and inspiration. After building more than 40 restaurant bar spaces over the past decade, Flux is now bringing their signature style into people's homes on Jntuanantapur Network's new series Made in Milwaukee . Whether creating amazing steel sculptures or designing two-story closets, they leave behind more than a renovated room. They transform bedrooms, kitchens, basements, and baths into original works of art.
Season 1, Episode 10

Vintage Brick and Rustic Locker Baseball Clubhouse Basement

K.C. and Tanya love baseball. Their first date was at a baseball game, and their basement is cluttered with memorabilia. They turn to Flux Design to transform their basement into a space that celebrates America's favorite pastime. Jeremy and his team redesign their room into a space that provides the ultimate game day experience. Stadium-style brick is installed around the lower walls of the room. Then the crew replaces the unused closets with hand-crafted lockers to give the room the feel of a vintage clubhouse. They create baseball inspired furniture including a steel "curve ball" accent table and an aged baseball bistro table. Finally, as the centerpiece of the room, the Flux guys build a scoreboard multimedia center to showcase the homeowner's new television.

Jun 2
8am | 7c
Season 1, Episode 11

Industrial Art Studio Garage

Jennifer would like to create masterpieces in her garage art studio, but its disorganization, lack of space and poor lighting make that a difficult task. Flux redesigns the space in an industrial style with plenty of light and complete mobility. To start, Flux builds floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall storage along the back wall of the garage. Encompassing twenty-two heavy duty boxes with see through metal grates at the front and racks for paintings to dry in the center, this piece is an organizational dream for Jennifer to store all of her found objects. The industrial style moves straight from the storage and into the walls with six giant easels covered in bolts for hanging artwork and a weathered steel faux finish. Not only can these easels be propped up on the walls, but they can easily be removed and rearranged to create a triangular display tower for an art show. To keep the newly stone tiled floor space clear of clutter, Jesse fabricates a mobile art cart. Crafted with premium woods and steel, this cart is built to last and has various uses thanks to its mobility and customization to Jennifer's needs. Totally tricked out with storage compartments for supplies and stadium tiered brush holders, Jennifer can roll the cart over to her new storage to gather some objects, then move it over to her easels and get started on a project. Sticking with the mobility theme, Andre and Scott create a canopied structure on wheels that houses a couch and built in end tables. This piece of mobile furniture can be used for clients to sit and watch a presentation on the newly installed video equipment or can be wheeled out to the driveway for more room to work. Taking care of the lighting issue, Flux adds plenty of it with a translucent garage door and sun tunnels for natural light, along with track lighting and arm fixtures for highlighting artwork. Jennifer loves her new flexible, functional and industrial art studio.

Jun 9
8am | 7c
Season 1, Episode 12

Boss Gets A Bar

Jeremy and Diane's cluttered sun room has no major function; it only stores kids' toys and serves as a hallway to their backdoor. Plus, the walls, ceiling and floor are all out of date, falling apart and in need of a serious overhaul. With Jeremy spending so much of his time working on projects for everyone but his own family, the boys from Flux decide to give their boss the ultimate spa. For total relaxation, a hot tub and sauna are installed in one half of the room, while the other half is a complete steampunk style bar. The bar itself gets cladded in metal, has wine bottle holders that mimic missiles ready to launch and gets topped with a concrete counter top. A soffit is added above the bar incorporating lighting and three steel cages that act as wine glass racks. The back bar includes a bottle cabinet that looks like a giant fuse, an artistic metal aperture with a mirror in the center and custom bottle inverts for their favorite spirits. With the look and feel that his new room is a machine about to start up at any minute, Jeremy is blown away by his employee's amazing remodel of his sun room.

Jun 16
8am | 7c
Season 1, Episode 13

Lackluster Living Room Upgrade

Andy and Shannon's living room is the largest room in the house yet they never seem to use it. The room's poor lighting and terrible layout are just a couple of problems that make this room less than desirable in which to entertain. Flux combines their signature bent metal organic-style with reclaimed barn wood to create an entertainment center with decorative accent shelving. To create better flow between the living room and connected dining room, the guys add a see-through fireplace clad with blue stone that also adorns the nearby walls. Atop the fireplace sits an organic-style candelabra, creating one giant work of art. As a focal point in the room, Flux adds a one-of-a-kind "tree" table with glass top. Additionally, track lighting, a brighter paint job and a sectional sofa make this room the couple's new favorite spot in the house.

Jun 23
8am | 7c

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